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Cancun Mexican Wrestling Show

Live the experience of Mexican Wrestling!

Quick Details

Adult; General Ticket Ages 14+
Adult: Palco Ticket Ages 14+
Adult: Full Experience Ticket Ages 14+
Child; General Ticket Ages 3-13
Child: Palco Ticket Ages 3-13
Child: Full Experience Ticket Ages 3-13

Live Lucha Libre Show in Cancun, Mexico!

About the Cancun Mexican Wrestling Show

This experience will take you to the world of Mexican Wrestling inside and outside the ring. As soon as you enter “El Barrio” you will see its streets full of posters announcing confrontations with the gladiators of the ring.

The venue is decorated with the representation of a typical Mexican neighborhood that you can visit until it is time to live the experience inside the Arena, where every night a Lucha Libre championship is lived up close with authentic gladiators who face each other with wrestling braces, flights, etc.

If you choose a ticket with dinner included, in “El Barrio”, you will also enjoy dinner themed on a typical street food ambiance of Verbena del Barrio, where you will enjoy the gastronomic experience through the rotation of street carts that will offer you snacks and Mexican street delicacies. The multiple food carts will come to your table offering the best of Mexico: Guacamole, salsas, tacos, tamales, ceviche, desserts, and much more Mexican good food.

An experience for the whole family, presented in English and Spanish and accompanied by effects, lighting and live music; wrestling braces, flights from the ropes and theatrical techniques by the protagonists, suitable for the whole family.


All family members are welcome, but it is recommended to consider that during the show there is music with high decibels, loud noises, situations of acted ridiculed violence, variation of lights, and uneven surfaces, so it is not recommended to enter with children under 3 years of age or anyone sensible to these events.
Additional Food and drinks are available in the arena during the show at an additional cost.