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  • Nighttime

Cancun Party Bus Tour

On Cancun Party Bus, every party is an unforgettable experience!

Quick Details

Tour from Meeting Point Age 18+
Tour with Pick Up Age 18+
Theme Parties Ticket The price varies according to the event

On Cancun Party Bus, every party is an unforgettable experience!

About the Cancun Party Bus

The party bus is a double-decker bus, equipped with Vibrant LED Party Lights, smoke machine, great sound system and microphones, transforming the interior of the bus into a perfect party venue on wheels. Alcoholic drinks, the best music and entertainment are included.

The Cancun Party Bus Tour

Hop on to this party on wheels in Cancun with your friends or solo for an unforgettable ride through Cancun nightlife.

The Cancun Party Bus Tour is a new concept in Cancun where you will be immersed in a party ambiance while enjoying some night-time sightseeing of Cancun.

Keep in mind that one of the best things to do in Cancun at night is partying, so we take the party all around Cancun while riding on the Party Bus.

The animator takes over to keep the party going as unlimited drinks are served. Be ready to have fun at the contests, karaoke, and party events that take place on board. We assure you that everybody will notice this party as the Party Bus rides along with party lights on, great music playing, and you on board.

If you want to be part of Cancun nightlife or you have something to celebrate, join the Cancun Party Bus Tour tonight!

Do you want us to pick you up?No problem, book the tour with pick up.

Upcoming Themed Parties on Cancun Party Bus

Because there are plenty of excuses to have a party, party bus theme parties turn every important date and event in Cancun into a fun rolling party.

Check the calendar to book a ticket for the upcoming themed parties aboard the Cancun Party Bus:

  • February 15th 2024: Pro-Valentine VS Anti-Valentine Party. Pick your side!
  • September 16th 2024: Mexican Party. Viva Mexico!
  • October 31st 2024: Halloween Party

Additional Information

We strictly adhere to the laws, and no alcohol consumption is allowed for passengers under the age of 18.