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Where is Riviera Maya Mexico?

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The Riviera Maya is certainly not Cancun. They are two completely different destinations. Cancun is the most famous touristic place in Mexico and Latin America, but I bet you did not know that Riviera Maya is as popular, but many people visiting Riviera Maya think they are in Cancun. Therefore, it is easy for visitors to get confused since they have to arrive at Cancun airport first. Riviera Maya does not have an international airport nearby.

What is Riviera Maya mexico?

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Founded in the earlies ’90s, Riviera Maya covers the coastline of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. In other words, it begins south of Cancun airport to Tulum. It is also known as Mayan Riviera and covers over 110 kilometers (68.35 miles). Along the coastline, Riviera Maya covers several towns, villages and touristic complexes:

Bahia Petempich
Puerto Morelos
Playa del Carmen
Puerto Aventuras

We can say that the Riviera Maya is a tourist corridor, however, every town and village has its touch. Along the Mayan Riviera, we can find beautiful resorts, natural attractions like the famous cenotes, popular Parks like Xcaret and Xelha, Mayan archaeological sites like Tulum, and much more. Riviera Maya also has the second largest barrier reef in the world. Playa del Carmen is the most important town in Riviera Maya.
The ambiance of Riviera Maya is very ecological and peaceful. There is to say that you may want to stay in Riviera Maya if you want a chill and peaceful vacation.


Riviera Maya mexico Resorts

Talking about accommodation options in Riviera Maya can be very extensive. I am going to try here to categorize the different options you can find to stay in Riviera Maya.

All-inclusive Resorts in Riviera Maya

This option may be the most popular and convenient to find in Riviera Maya. By staying in an All-Inclusive resort you have for sure all your meals and drinks out of the way. Consider that many of these resorts are located in secluded areas not close to any town. In other words, is not like you can step out of your resort to visit a nearby restaurant. These beautiful resorts are very big properties, so be ready for a 10-minute walk from your hotel room to the restaurants or to take a hotel shuttle to the beach. These resorts are rated 5 stars and 5 Superior.

Boutique hotels in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya has some of the most luxurious hotels in Mexico. The boutique hotels are small properties where luxury is all it matters. This is the perfect accommodation if you are not in a budget and want to be treated like royalty. Take into consideration, those boutique hotels not always have an All-Inclusive option. You can find boutique hotels on various themes: Ecological, Adults only, family-friendly, but you will not find a party mode boutique hotel. The concept is mainly for a relaxing vacation. So, no wonder why all the celebrities visiting Riviera Maya stay in one of these hotels.

About Hotels in the Mayan Riviera

Finding a hotel in Riviera Maya is easy. You have to start by picking the town where you want to stay. To clarify we are not talking about big resorts, we are referring to accommodations rated 4 stars and below. All the hotels you are going to find inside the towns and villages, which makes them very convenient for all kinds of budgets.
You can choose plans with meals included, or just a room, it all depends on the travel plan you have. There are very nice hotels in Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

We sincerely hope this guide helps learn more about Riviera Maya and maybe help you decide about your accommodation. If you have any questions we are happy to assist you. Contact us.

Remember to share this information. Safe travel and welcome to Cancun!

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