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Cancun Downtown Tour | 3 affordable excursions to visit Cancun downtown

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You are ready to visit Cancun. You probably see yourself laying on the beach having a drink in front of the Caribbean sea, you know about the fun you will have at your resort, chilling at the beach and maybe clubbing at night, but what do you think about taking a Cancun downtown tour?
Despite popular belief, Cancun has much more to offer besides beach and nightlife. Cancun just celebrated its 50th anniversary this April 2020. It is impressive to think that such a young city is the most visited place in Mexico and Latin America.


Where is Cancun Downtown?

3 main areas make up Cancun city:

cancun downtown tour

Cancun Hotel Zone

Better known as “the island” is the strip of land surrounded by water including the Nichupte Lagoon and the Caribbean sea. Is where most of the tourist infrastructure is located including night clubs, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and marinas. This is the area of Cancun that most of the tourists know.

Costa Mujeres or Playa Mujeres

Even though this area does not belong to the municipality of Cancun, it is considered part of it because of its geographical location. Just north from Cancun downtown. Costa Mujeres is a touristic complex recently created where you can find only big resorts rated 5 stars and 5 stars Superior. To be honest, moving to and from this area is not very convenient due to lack of transportation.

The Downtown

Also known as the urban area, is where the majority of the population lives. It is located 12 kilometers (7.5 miles ) away from the Cancun Airport. This part of Cancun is where you will see the real people and learn about the history of the City. Most of the city highlights and historical places are in Cancun Downtown. Therefore, visiting the Cancun downtown should be included in your plans during your visit to this destination. In this way, you will be able to say that you know Cancun for real.

Is downtown Cancun worth visiting?

A visit to Cancun downtown is very well worth it for several reasons. The local markets in downtown are interesting, and you can get pretty good deals in shopping in comparison with the prices in the hotel zone. They are also a good place to exchange your currency into Mexican pesos due to a better exchange rate.
Near Cancun downtown hides one of the most interesting archeological sites to visit (El Meco), not many people know about this.
Spread around the downtown area you can find several historic landmarks and modern highlights like The City hall, the monument of Mexican history, the memorial of the control tower of Cancun’s first airport, and urban art throughout some of the buildings in the area. In addition, you can see the popular areas visited by locals like Parque de las palapas which is the first square where locals gather in the afternoon after a hard-working day, have ice cream, grab something to eat or just chill.
We could go on and on about interesting things to see in Cancun downtown, but let’s see how can you get there instead.

What is the best way to visit Cancun Downtown?

With no doubt, the best way to visit Cancun downtown is to take a tour. Tours to Cancun downtown are available at very affordable prices and the best part is that they are guided excursions. They include the visit to several attractions and areas of Cancun downtown that you can not miss. The guides are a very important part of a city tour since they can reveal to you history, facts, and secrets spots, that can be easily missed by visiting on your own.
Here we tell you 3 affordable excursions to visit Cancun downtown

Cancun City Tour

This is absolutely the best value tour to do in Cancun. Includes pick up from hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya. This a tour focused on sightseeing around Cancun city. Passing from hidden Mayan ruins in the city to highlights in Cancun downtown and hotel zone. On this tour, you will cover everything you need to see for sightseeing in the city including the famous Cancun sign at Playa Delfines. Find out more about Cancun City Tour.

Cancun Shopping Tour

If shopping in Cancun is what you are looking for. This is a tour that will take you shopping in the local markets in Cancun downtown and also to the shopping malls located in the hotel zone. This tour passes through some of the downtown main areas. Even though the tour is not focusing on the history and the sightseeing, the guides are so passionate about it that you for sure will get a glance. This tour offers to pick up from accommodations located at the Hotel Zone area. Find out more about Cancun Shopping Tour.

Private Cancun city tour and shopping

If you can not decide, whether you want shopping or sightseeing or you want a tailor-made itinerary in Cancun, the Private Cancun city tour and shopping is the best option for you. It is very affordable for parties of 10 or more, in addition, that you get a very personalized service since it is a private experience. Feel free to make your own itinerary or follow the guide’s recommendation about sightseeing Cancun downtown and hotel zone. This service offers to pick up from hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Get a quote.

We sincerely hope this guide helps you to decide on the best Cancun downtown tour for you. If you have any questions we are happy to assist you. Contact us.

Remember to share this information. Safe travel and welcome to Cancun!